About Us


Compelled by Christ, the MB works to alleviate human suffering and advance hope and healing on behalf of the people called United Methodist.


Established in 2008 as a ministry of the Eastbrook United Methodist Church, our mission is 4-fold:

  • Collect, process, package, store, and ship UMCOR kits in a tri-state region.
  • Construct handicap access ramps and help with local needs
  • Provide material support for ERT (Early Response Teams) doing disaster response.
  • Provide education about Christian mission – especially UMCOR and UMVIM

Assist UMCs around the New Castle Community in poverty alleviation and community development.

Since 2008 we have shipped over $1 million worth of UMCOR kits; built 190+ ramps; developed 4 Satellites in 2 states;Supported 10 ramp-building ministries around our conference; supported several ERT teams with our tool trailers; and are involved with youth and adults with disabilities, recovering addicts, and youth and adults from WPA, East Ohio, and West Ohio Conferences.

During 2022 we were outgrowing our space at the former dairy barn and started looking for a new home.  In early 2023 we purchased a warehouse, only 8 miles away in Shenango Township, near New Castle, to continue the ministries and help them grow.  Our new location is 181 Columbus Dr., New Castle, PA 16101.